Fantasy Cleaning Maids - Melbourne's Fantasy French Maid Service
If your dream and fantasy is having a beautiful stunning lingerie maid come in to clean your house or office then welcome to Fantasy Cleaning Maids.

Melbourne's Fantasy Cleaning Maids is a boutique cleaning service with sexy lingerie French Maids at your service.

Our maids are sexy, flirty, fun, and get down and dirty to clean your house, office, or apartment.

Sit back, relax, and have our luscious lingerie maids take all the stress out of your housework.

Our maids can clean your house or office in sexy costumes, lingerie, french maids outfits, bikini, stockings, g-strings, teddy's, suspenders, and more....

We are professional cleaners with a sexy twist. Cleaning has never been so much fun....or naughty!

Call Fantasy Cleaning Maids today and let us entertain you while we clean your house from top to bottom.

Call Fantasy Cleaning Maids 

0404 725 716

Message Bank service, we will contact you to confirm bookings.

Our Fantasy Cleaning Maids are available for all your cleaning and entertainment needs.

We spice up your house and make cleaning fun and fabulous. Perfect for singles, couples, parties, buck's parties, celebrations, events, festivals and more....

What is your ultimate fantasy?

Let us tailor a Fantasy Cleaning service just for you.

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